First, I would like to say, returning to the Pocomoke City Police Department as Chief of Police is a dream come true. I promise to give Pocomoke Citizens and leaders my all. Returning to Pocomoke Police since I started in the 1970’s and retired as a Captain in 2010, comes with great hopes of reuniting the citizens of Pocomoke and the Pocomoke Police Officers.

My first goal, as I sit in my chair is to revise the departments policy to my liking, then the Pocomoke City Police Officers and staff have a foundation to stand on. I am a policy driven Chief, where I will hold the men and women of the Pocomoke City Police Department accountable for their actions.

I will have officers conduct business checks with all of the operating businesses in town and conduct daily foot patrols and patrol checks of businesses and neighborhoods. In the Spring you will see more officers on bike patrol throughout the town.

I will make it my personal mission to work hand in hand with surrounding agencies, especially of Worcester County.

I would like to thank each and every person who supported me during my dream come true, as YOUR Chief of Police for Pocomoke City.

- Chief M. Lee Brumley, Pocomoke City Police Department


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