These policies and procedures can be changed at any time by the Chief of Police. Once a policy change is made, an update will be made within 30 days to this website. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Role and Authority

Chapter 2- Jurisdiction & Mutual Aid

Chapter 3-Organization & Administration

Chapter 4-Direction

Chapter 5- Crime Analysis

Chapter 6-Allocation and Distribution of Personnel

Chapter 7-Fiscal Management

Chapter 8-Classification & Delineation of Duties

Chapter 9-Compensations, Benefits and Conditions of Work

Chapter 10-Department Vehicles in General

Chapter 11-Complaint Procedure

Chapter 12 - Code of Conduct

Chapter 13-Recruitment, Selection, and Laterals

Chapter 14-Rapid Deployment and Active Assailant Response

Chapter 15-Training & Career Development

Chapter 16-Promotional Process

Chapter 17-Performance Appraisal

Chapter 18-Patrol

Chapter 19- Property and Evidence Control

Chapter 20-Discrimination and Harassment

Chapter 21-Naloxone Program

Chapter 22-Crime Prevention and Community Policing

Chapter 23-Unusual Occurrences & Special Op

Chapter 24- Use of Force

Chapter 25 - Internal Affairs

Chapter 26- Line Inspections Program

Chapter 27-Public Information

Chapter 28-Social Media

Chapter 29-Secondary Employment

Chapter 30-Legal Process

Chapter 31-Records

Chapter 32- Evidence Collection

Chapter 33-Extradition

Chapter 34- Communications

Chapter 35-Canine (K-9) Unit

Chapter 36-Criminal Investigation


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